Digital Media in Art Therapy Interviews from natalie carlton on Vimeo.

“Digital Media in Art Therapy Interviews” documents research inquiry through a video product where audiences can ‘see and hear’ interviewees, interview data, and the integration of themes and ideas related to how computer arts media is used in therapy.  The video interweaves four interviewees describing digitized creativity in clinical and educational applications, how digital culture is affecting clients and therapists, and inherent, distinct qualities to the media.  The video content was created for research purposes but also as accessible and non-esoteric to interested persons inside and outside the field of art therapy.  The video format juxtaposes themes and contrasts by art therapists Barbara ‘Basia’ Mosinski, Brian Austin, Jon Ehinger, and Robert Wolf who describe therapeutic and educational applications of digital photography, animation, and video.  The aesthetics and language of video were not used to merely collect and show information but to actively synthesize the living and fluid knowledge of these artist therapists sharing contemporary and emergent phenomenon.