School of the Art Institute of Chicago,  2016 Symposium on Creative Digital Media in Therapeutic Processes, Saturday March 12, 9am-4pm, in Chicago, Illinois.  This one day symposium will bring together individuals and collaborative teams who are curious about and investigating digital media for therapeutic processes and healing narratives. Presenters will include art therapists but also a video game designer and artists, and subject matters are spanning the use of scanography and video games as therapeutic media, intersectional identities, trauma narratives re framed in video, and power of digital media immediacy and appropriation in identity exploration.

American Art Therapy Association’s 47th Annual Conference  July 6-10, 2016 in Baltimore, MD The onsite, all day Wednesday (7/6/16) workshop that Natalie and her colleague Kelvin Ramirez will be facilitating is called “Living Baltimore: Cultural Awareness through Digital Storytelling.”  This master course will develop framework around Baltimore’s sociopolitical history and how community leaders are currently responding to the events in their communities.  Participants will explore their individual and collective responses, biases, and professional responsibilities by making digital stories together and in the context of Baltimore.  Participants will partner with community advocates to collaboratively create digital video and audio narratives that capture elements of Baltimore and responses to structured and creative queries. The master course will expose art therapists to current social actions and movements in Baltimore, explore the relevance of art therapy supporting communities affected by oppression, and apply digital media to expand reflection and awareness.