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Natalie worked as a private practice art therapist 2002-2015 at Lacuna studio in Taos, New Mexico.  She has also worked as an art therapy educator since 2008 and has taught at four different graduate programs in the US.  She actively participates in national and international conferences and symposiums.  Natalie has devoted interest in media use and has engaged reflective art therapy practices with diverse materials including fabric crafts, clay and sculpture, drawing and painting, as well as sand play, photography, sound recording, and printmaking in her studio practice for children, youth, adults, and families.  Dual video and written dissertation research titled Digital Media Use in Art Therapy completed her PhD studies in 2014 from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Beginning July 1, 2016 Natalie became an Associate Professor and Director of Drexel University’s Art therapy and counseling program which is an integral part of the larger Creative Arts Therapies department.  Previously she was a Visiting Professor for the graduate Art Therapy program at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Social justice art and movements as well as power, privilege, and oppression frameworks are additional critical foci for dialogue, research, and applied skill development Natalie has integrated to ensure that therapy support could be rendered appropriately and relevantly to the individuals and families she has served.  She wrote recent book chapters for Digital Art Therapy (2016) and Psychologys New Design Science and the Reflective Practitioner (in press) and on the diverse subjects of the sensory qualities of digital media and graphic novel use in art therapy.  She had also previously published a chapter in Video and Filmmaking as Therapy: Research and Practice (2015) and an article on “Digital culture and art therapy” for The Arts in Psychotherapy journal (2014).

Natalie also co-created a land and culture project named the Beautiful Midden which culminated into inquisitive artworks for the 2012 International Science and Electronic Arts (ISEA) symposium shown at the Taos University of New Mexico campus exhibit and on-site.  She also co-produced a short video of the same name and shown at the Harwood Museum and Taos Shortz.  Natalie also conceived and co-created the 2011 collaborative installation Art of Order at the Taos Community Auditorium.  Historical connections between art and science were explored to build and craft site specific, large-scale fabrications such as the Golden Spiral and other representations of logarithmic patterns of order to disorder.  She has participated in local and national art exhibits and finds art-based communication forms critical vehicles of research and community dialogue.  She is the current New Media in Art Therapy Chair for the American Art Therapy Association and please visit that website at