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June 11 through August 7, 2011
Opening Reception, Saturday, June 11, 4PM
Encore Gallery, Taos Community Auditorium, 145 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte

Taos NM – The “Art of Order” installation was the brainchild of Natalie Carlton who enlisted fellow artist Siena Sanderson as well as collaborations with other artists from the community. The show was an investigation of the relationships between art and science, or, fluidity between intuitive and rational creativity.

“I conceived of the project as an exploration of my compulsion for order. Siena and I found ordering principles in continuums between apparent chaos and complexity to organization and simplicity and then back to chaos. Viewers witnessed the large scale objects in the show as representations of collective drives toward symmetry, balance, and beauty to unresolved desires within list making, sacred geometry, counting technology, personal collecting, sanitizing of our day to day lives, and mental and behavioral organization through the written word.” – Natalie Carlton

Process-oriented collaboration was a critical aspect of the installation that occurred with other artists over a week’s time before the opening reception in the Taos Community Auditorium’s gallery space. The installation was videotaped as it happened and the video of the process was available to view at the gallery during the opening.

The culled, crafted, and collaborative pieces reflected processes of recycling, collecting, and sequencing objects from the practical world into a static space of viewing and reflecting on ideas of order. The created forms and visual materials were viewed differently from afar and up close, or, as a whole in contrast to its parts. The installation used paper, vintage stamps, fabric, and other media that had been collected from additional community members in small parts to then be formed into large-scale pieces such as a color scaled Golden Mean, a paper pulp Abacus, a Stamp Quilt, and a Wall of Lists.

Natalie Carlton
Collage and bricolage are the foundational techniques in this artist’s art processes with diverse media. Paper, cloth and found bits can be combined, adhered, folded, or wrapped to create multi layered abstract or representational imagery on wood, in sculptural pieces, and within sewn fabric blankets. Carlton also uses audio, photography, and video processes to collage soundscapes, portraiture, and digital storytelling. Carlton’s fabric work have been featured in the 2004 Las Cruces, NM Challenging Tradition, the 2007 Montclair, NJ Quilts for Arts Sake juried shows as well the 2009 Albuquerque, NM Cradle Project and 2000-2009 Arte de Descartes Taos group shows. Carlton’s video and audio work have been featured in the Taos Bentley Film Festivals 2008-09. She is a hybrid of many things including art therapist, educator, and community artist. She lives, loves and works in Taos, New Mexico.

Siena Sanderson
Siena Sanderson was born and raised in the tropics of South Florida and has had a pencil in hand since the age of two. She has worked from the image of the seed from the very beginning and was an initiator of the Taos annual art and science exhibit SEED. She studied art at SMU and received her masters at the University of Oregon and has continually found her inspiration from the land.
Sanderson is currently teaching art to elementary school age children in Taos area schools. She also teaches art to children in their neighborhoods during the annual summer Neighborhood Art Project. Her love of art and science has led her to an emerging interest in how the two can meet again through the visual world.

Art of Order installation collaborators

Anne Costanza-Speroni
Ben Wright
Ben Bilal
Beth Enson
Brenda Ewer
Contessa Trujillo
Dave Costanza
Djuna Carlton
Dylan Hinkley
Lucia Costanza
Madison Miller
Marcy Andrews
Mark Goldman
Morgan Miller
Moira Amado-McCoy
Natalie Carlton
Rafa Andrews
Scott Moore
Siena Sanderson
Sonya Luz Costanza
Tono Andrews
Vicky Careccia